Historic Registration

Club Registration

The new scheme, known as “Club Registration” will allow the owner of a 25+ year-old vehicle to obtain discounted registration with the only major constraints being the need to fill out a log book for each journey and a limitation of 90 days on the road in any one year.

The owner must also be a financial member of an approved Club such as SA Supra.

Club Registration Code of Practice (PDF)

How do I get Historic Registration?

The Process is as follows:

1. Be a current financial club member with a vehicle aged 25 years or more.

2. Complete the online form and make the relevant payment ($30 for new historic registration applications, $20 if renewing) at the SA Supra Store or via direct deposit to the bank details provided at the bottom of the online form and on the Club Membership page.

3. Attend an event or meeting and complete an MR334 form with a club historic registration representative. Bring the required documentation described in the online form, the club representative will provide the MR334 form its self.

4. Visit a Service SA Branch with your completed MR334 form and have your vehicle registered to on historic registration scheme.

5. Advise a club representative that the vehicle is now registered and on the scheme, this can be via messaging the SA Supra Facebook page or via email: historic@sasupra.com.au

6. You will be issued a logbook for the vehicle which can be collected at the next club meeting or event.

Please Note:

  • We cannot issue a logbook to a vehicle not registered on the scheme.

  • Once registered on the scheme the vehicle's logbook and a valid entry for the date it is being driven is required to drive the vehicle on public roads. Please plan your registration and logbook collection accordingly.

Relevant Links:

Historic Registration Online Form
SA Supra Store - Historic Registration

To discuss your eligibility and the application process please email historic@sasupra.com.au

Registration Conditions

Once you have registered your vehicle and received your logbook:

As per the Club Registration Code of Practice the following items are required for your vehicle to be considered registered and able to be driven:

• Current Financial Club Membership (Yearly membership paid up to date)

• Current Log Book ("Membership Year" page is stamped for current year and has not expired)

• Log Book entry for the day the vehicle is being driven (description and signed)

• SA Government Registration fees paid and current.

Relevant Links:

SA.GOV.AU - Historic, left-hand drive and street rod vehicle registration